Following list presents an overview of AMBASSADOR public deliverables (including the leading partner and delivery month).

D1.1 System and Sub-Systems requirements list (SE, M3, M13)
D1.2 Test Scenarios for validation sites (NTUA, M3, M13, M24)

D3.3 Final AMBASSADOR Communication Infrastructure (NTUA, M30)

D7.1 AMBASSADOR deployment on test sites description (NTUA, M48)
D7.2 Test evolution logbook (NTUA, M48)
D7.4 AMBASSADOR validation report (SE, M48)

D8.1 Description of the assessment method and assessment result of existing state (PL, M28)
D8.2 Assessment result of modified state (PL, M48)
D8.3 Tutorials and summer school for energy managers (SE, M24)
D8.4 Public and internal webpage (AMI, M4)
D8.5 Development of a dissemination strategy document (AMI, M13)
D8.6 Final AMBASSADOR conference (AMI, M48)
D8.9 Evaluation of AMBASSADOR results as contributions to standards (ECB, M22)
D8.10 Study on the European legal framework (ECB, M46)