The National Solar Energy Institute (INES) is France’s center of reference in the field of solar energy. Based at Savoie Technolac on the shores of Lake Bourget, the institute was set up with the backing of Savoie Departmental Council and Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, and includes research and development teams from the CEA, CNRS, University of Savoie and CSTB. Several types of buildings are available at the INES validation site that are going to participate in AMBASSADOR.

GPS: 05° 52′ 29″ E ; 45° 38′ 34″ N

Buildings to be involved: INCAS Houses, other buildings to be decided
Building use: RTD activities
Building typology: The surface of each the building is 100 m². The first house has a double wall structure, which is made of two layers of 15 cm wide concrete blocks, separated with 20 cm of fibrous thermal isolation. The second building has a timber framed structure with more than 30 cm of wood based fibrous thermal isolation between the framework components.

Energy generation: PV plant with 60kW, Grid, Solar heating systems
Energy storage: Redox batteries
Subsystems and systems to be deployed: Solar heating generation with storage and energy distribution

Expected energy savings and CO2 reduction: Thanks to HVAC-L technology, 20% energy savings can be expected for these functionalities.

To be updated and specified during the course of the project.