Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels

AMBASSADOR Innovation Day

ambassador_innovation_dayThe AMBASSADOR Innovation Day was organised in October 2016 and took place at CEA-INES demonstration site in Chambéry. As the public was French, it was decided to have all the presentations in French. Among the participants, there were representatives from SIG Genève, Tenerrdis, CSTB, Planair or Schneider Strategy

The topics for the Innovation Day were identified in line with the latest AMBASSADOR development and were divided into those that were more oriented towards the overall energy context and those that were closely reflecting the AMBASSADOR on-going work as well as potential business impact.

The topics and responsibles for preparation of the training materials were identified as follows:

  • Overall energy context (SE)
  • AMBASSADOR solutions (NBAT, CSEM)
  • Smarts buildings efficiency & flexibility with DSO (SE)
  • Flexibility & storage (LEC)
  • District heating networks (TEK)
  • Optimization & potentials (SE)
  • Business opportunities (SE, LEC, ZF)

The presentations from the Innovation Day are available here.