The Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP) is located in Lavrion, in South-Eastern Attica, Greece, approx. 50 km from the centre of Athens. It covers about 250.000 sq.m. in which three distinct building complexes exist. About 18 buildings have been restored and are now operated with a total area of 13.000 sq.m. The total area allocated to the housing of businesses is about 10.000 sq.m. while 3.000 sq.m. house support the administrative and cultural uses of the Park.

GPS: 24.05712, 37.71496

Buildings to be involved: H2Sus building, administration building, one more building to be selected
Buildings use: RTD activities mostly, offices
Buildings typology: conrete structure, stone

Energy generation: 83 kW RES Park, CHP fuel cell 20kW + 20kWth, Hydrogen burner 50kWth
Energy storage: 61 kg of high pressured hydrogen gas
Subsystems and systems to be deployed: 2 x Solar Thermal panels, 4RTcBMS (1 installed BMS will be updated), DEMIS, all relevant sensors, routers

Expected energy savings and CO2 reduction: 20% energy savings can be expected for these functionalities

To be updated and specified during the course of the project.