BedZED is the UK’s largest mixed used sustainable community. It was designed to create a thriving community in which ordinary people could enjoy a high quality of life, while living within their fair share of the Earth’s resources. BedZED was initiated by BioRegional and ZEDfactory, and developed by Peabody housing association. It was completed and occupied in 2002. The community comprises 50% housing for sale, 25% shared ownership and 25% social housing for rent.

GPS: 51°22’55.5””N 00°09’21. 77° O

Buildings to be involved: Five buildings will be chosen for validation site
Building use: residential buildings, offices
Building typology: concrete blocks, super insulation

Energy generation: PV panels 108kWp
Energy storage: hot water
Subsystems and systems to be deployed: Sensors, Neurobat modules, Thermal panels for two buildings, BMS for each building

Expected energy saving and CO2 reduction: BedZED already eliminates the 29 % contribution to CO2 emissions, AMBASSADOR will help them move a step more towards the UK Royal Commission’s 60% reduction target.

To be updated and specified during the course of the project.