Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels

AMBASSADOR team in Sustainable Places 2014 conference

ICT for sustainable placesAMBASSADOR project representatives contributed to the success of Sustainable Places 2014 conference that took place in Nice, France, on October 1st – 3rd 2014. This conference was jointly organised by RESILIENT and PERFORMER FP7 projects and aimed at covering all the topics of interest in the Energy-efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnerships (EeB PPP): e.g. renewable production, energy storage, construction materials, retrofitting, renewal etc. Besides listening to the newest trends in the EeB domain and recent outputs of EeB projects, AMBASSADOR contributed to three sessions of the conference’s agenda.

Firstly, Emmanuel Onillon from CSEM presented a contribution “District energy flow optimization taking into account building flexibilities” that was prepared in close cooperation between AMBASSADOR and RESILIENT projects and was giving an idea on different approaches towards optimization. The presentation will be soon available here.

Secondly, AMBASSADOR team contributed to the preparation of a workshop Energy positive districts / smart cities and led the session dedicated to different approaches towards development of new business models. The business models session presentation can be downloaded here.

Last but not least AMBASSADOR team met again with colleagues from the RESILIENT project during a joint workshop. This workshop was dedicated to discussion on current and future collaboration as well as proposed joint activities. It was also attended by representatives of E-HUB and FC-DISTRICT projects in order to find possible synergies and points of cooperation.

The overall output of the Sustainable Places 2014 conference is available at the website: