Autonomous Management System Developed for Building and District Levels

AMBASSADOR in Korean newspapers

TAmbassador_Electronic Times_April 13he leading Korean tech-focused daily, Electronic Times ran a special feature article on Smart Cities following the Paris Marathon Press Tour. In the article “Let’s benchmark Lyon region which builds intelligent houses and drives EVs” the energy dilemma, the French energy transition law and SmartGrids France are explained. An important part of the article is also dedicated to the AMBASSADOR project, while citing Alfredo Samperio (project coordinator): “Despite the high energy efficiency of individual buildings, it is important to connect and manage all buildings together in order to generate high profit. By connecting DEMIS and ESS, one can save energy while avoiding inconveniences caused by energy usage limits.”

At the same time the leading economic daily in Korea, Maeil Economic Daily ran a special article about the smart cities and demand response. It also introduced the overview of AMBASSADOR project. Here Alfredo Samperio was also cited: “Even for countries like South Korea where the electricity tariff is simple, smart grid and cities help reduce carbon emission and increase the resilience against the power outage… It’s important to motivate the various buildings and industries to take part in the smart grid/city initiatives.” This article is available here.